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“All in all I can say there has been a ‘before and after’ [since] Lilach
joined us, which is not just my perception – our profitability has increased as we can focus on our task…whilst Lilach runs the office for us. 

Lilach goes the extra mile by really getting involved and wanting to
understand what we do for our clients, which in my view is what makes her so good at her job!

When we [first] talked to Lilach, she was able to very quickly understand what we needed and she did not wait for us to tell her what to do.  She was proactive in proposing what could be done and how.  One would be hard pushed to find another individual that gets up to speed with your requirements so quickly, providing value for money almost from day one. 

[She] does everything with a smile and with intoxicating passion for what
she does.”
Eloy Mazon, 4WARD PPM Ltd

“Lilach’s involvement was a key aspect of our marketing initiative and was delivered according to the timescale and budget agreed, allowing us to achieve our implementation goals. “
Dawn Wills, Decisions Ltd

“Lilach is diligent, efficient and uses her initiative. Lilach is pleasant, down to earth and possesses many skills and qualities that are greatly appreciated by all that come to work with her. She is reliable and punctual and always willing to go that extra mile which has made her a valuable member of our team.”
(A leading law firm, Sydney, Australia)

“Lilach is adept at coping with a large volume of work (e.g. mailshots) in a speedy, efficient manner and is extremely proficient at Microsoft Word and various other packages. Of particular merit was the work she put into organizing the Company’s international representative’s conference. This called for her to organize a group of 20 international representatives and 10 senior managers from the company for a 2 day conference. Lilach was responsible for organising travel, hotels, social events and administration of the conference and did so extremely efficiently and won the praise of all concerned.”  
Graseby Dynamics Ltd